Free online directory submissions tool

Here we present our ergonomically designed semi automatic directory submission tool
Webmasters often make the mistake of using the same titles and descriptions with submitting websites to directories. Search engine algorithms often mistake this to be duplicate content and reduce the value of backlinks from directories.
It is important to have variations in titles and descriptions while submitting websites to a number of directories.

Using a directory submissions tool is simply a better way to save much time and energy
While most submission tool have to be downloaded and installed before you could utilize them, we have designed this efficient yet simple to use semi automatic submissions tool to make it easy for you.

Just click add your website in the field at the right hand side of the page you will reach the form where you can include up to five different titles and descriptions and also keywords. Once you are done your website will be included to the list. You can include any number of websites to the list and the next step is to select the filter from your control panel. You have various options, such as: free, paid, reciprocal, fast approval directory lists.

Once you generate the list of directories of your preference, you can start submitting with the submission tool.

Advantages of using our directory submission tool

  1. No need to download or install software
  2. Carefully handpicked quality directories ranked according to popularity
  3. Saves you a lot of time and energy
  4. Ability to provide necessary variation in titles and descriptions of your website