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Fast approval directory list 133

Sorted by type

Free directories list 2,530

Paid directories list 12,826

Bid directories list 125

Deeplinks directories list 29

Reciprocal directories list 251

Sorted by geography

List of Africa directories 12,411

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List of Asia directories 103

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List of Caribbean directories 5

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List of Central America directories 2

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List of Europe directories 448

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List of Middle East directories 17

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List of North America directories 132

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List of Oceania directories 29

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List of Pacific Ocean directories 12

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List of South America directories 37

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Sorted by niche

List of Articles directories 12,525

List of Automobile directories 27

List of Blog directories 60

List of Business directories 198

List of Computer directories 27

List of Education directories 17

List of Entertainment directories 74

List of Environment directories 8

List of Family directories 18

List of Finance directories 16

List of Food directories 10

List of Forum directories 4

List of Freebies directories 14

List of Gambling directories 12

List of Health directories 53

List of Home directories 30

List of Hosting directories 5

List of Insurance directories 4

List of Internet directories 35

List of Law directories 13

List of Marketing directories 22

List of Other directories 13

List of Pet directories 5

List of RealEstate directories 26

List of Recreation directories 28

List of Reference directories 5

List of Restaurant directories 3

List of Rss directories 39

List of Science directories 3

List of Shopping directories 50

List of Society directories 61

List of Telecom directories 9

List of Travel directories 93

List of Webmaster directories 32

Sorted by Page Rank

List of PR 10 directories 0

List of PR 9 directories 3

List of PR 8 directories 3

List of PR 7 directories 11

List of PR 6 directories 67

List of PR 5 directories 365

List of PR 4 directories 974

List of PR 3 directories 2,967

List of PR 2 directories 2,333

List of PR 1 directories 1,062

Sorted by Alexa Rank

List of best Alexa directories 8,828

List of Alexa100k directories 396

List of Alexa200k directories 288

List of Alexa300k directories 206

List of Alexa400k directories 163

List of Alexa500k directories 111

List of Alexa600k directories 114

List of Alexa700k directories 126

List of Alexa800k directories 82