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Offering discounts on inclusions raises the revenue

Want to increase revenue of your directory? Promote your paid inclusion, offering discounts and offers.

Adding your discount on this list, it will be also promoted in the weekly newsletter and in our directory lists.
If you want to increase profits with discretion, you may choose to hide the discount to the search engines, it will then be shown only to registered users.

You do not need a coupon field on your directory: we will take your inclusions, and you'll receive the monthly income on your PayPal account. Read the terms of service.

What is a directory discount or coupon code?

Coupon codes in directory submission, or any other online business for that matter, are similar to that of discount coupons you use at conventional shopping malls. Since the transactions in the web take place electronically, coupon codes that are composed of alpha numerical characters are used to avail discounts. You simply have to type these codes in the promotional box at the payment gateway, while you pay for directory submissions and avail discounts offered by directories.

If you see this icon directory discount next to a directory, it means it's offering discounted inclusions!


  1. Increase your paid inclusions
  2. Free promotion on discounts newsletter
  3. Free promotion on our lists
  4. Add a coupon code, or let us manage your submissions
  5. Highly customizable
  6. Show/hide from search engines

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At the end of the procedure, you will be asked to include the discount.
We advise you to check competitors' prices before specifying a discounted cost.